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I began painting with watercolour in 1999, and became seriously interested in my materials and understanding of pigments during 2000/2001. I found the Handprint watercolour website and have been learning and collecting paints ever since. I began painting more seriously again in 2006 and began investigating more and more paint. I have bought paints just to experience a pigment, or compare one brand's interpretation of a pigment against another. As a result I have a collection littered with beautiful paints that may or may not be very useful.

I am particularly interested in earth and historical palettes as I find their subdued beauty very appealing. I also own many Rublev watercolours which I may write about one day. (Edit: I looked at my other blog blog and found that I had written a little about the Rublev 18th Century and Rublev 19th Century palettes previously.)

Magenta Pure Pigment Paints
R122* Maimeri Blu, Verzino Violet
Winsor & Newton, Quinacridone Magenta
R202 Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Fuchsia
Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Magenta
V19R* Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Red
Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Rose
M. Graham, Quinacridone Rose
Winsor & Newton, Perm. Rose
V42 Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Pink
Convenience Paints
Holbein, Opera R122,BV10
Red Pure Pigment Paints
R83* M. Graham, Alizarin Crimson
R108* M. Graham, Cadmium Red
M. Graham, Cadmium Red Deep
M. Graham, Cadmium Red Light
R112* M. Graham, Naphthol Red
R168 QoR, Permanent Scarlet
R177 Maimeri Blu, Perm. Red Deep
R179* M. Graham, Maroon Perylene
R188* Daniel Smith, Organic Vermilion
Winsor & Newton, Scarlet Lake
R206 W&N Cotman, Alizarin Crimson Hue
R209* Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Coral
M. Graham, Quinacridone Red
R214 Old Holland, Scheveningen Red Deep
R254* M. Graham, Pyrrol Red
R264 M. Graham, Perm. Alizarin Crimson
RNA Holbein, Perm. Alizarin Crimson
Winsor & Newton, Perm. Carmine
Convenience Paints
Winsor & Newton, Bright Red R188,Y65
Winsor & Newton, Perm. Alizarin Crimson RNA,R206
Unsaturated Orange and Red Pure Pigment Paints
Br7 Maimeri Blu, Burnt Sienna
Br25 Winsor & Newton, Indian Red Deep
O48* Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Burnt Orange
M. Graham, Quinacridone Rust
O49* Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Deep Gold
Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Gold
Winsor & Newton, Quinacridone Gold
R101* Daniel Smith, Lunar Red Rock
Maimeri Blu, Transparent Mars Red
M. Graham, Terra Rosa
M. Graham, Transparent Red Oxide
Winsor & Newton, Burnt Sienna
Winsor & Newton, Caput Mortuum Violet
W&N Cotman, Indian Red
W&N Cotman, Light Red
R102 Daniel Smith, Fired Gold Ochre
Winsor & Newton, Light Red
R206* Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet
Maimeri Blu, Avignon Orange
Winsor & Newton, Brown Madder
R233 Daniel Smith, Potters Pink
Maimeri Blu, Potters Pink
Convenience Paints
Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Sienna O49,R209
Maimeri Blu, Dragon’s Blood R209,Br7
M. Graham, Transparent Orange Oxide R101,Y42
Winsor & Newton, Light Red R101,Y42
Orange Pure Pigment Paints
O20*M. Graham, Cadmium Orange
O62* M. Graham, Azo Orange
O65 Old Holland, Golden Barok Red
O71 Maimeri Blu, Pyrrole Orange
O73* M. Graham, Scarlet Pyrrol
Winsor & Newton, Winsor Orange Red Shade
Convenience Paints
Holbein, Brilliant Orange O62,O73
Brown Pure Pigment Paints
Bk12 Winsor & Newton, Gold Brown
Br7* Daniel Smith, German Greenish Raw Umber
Maimeri Blu, Burnt Umber
M. Graham, Burnt Sienna
M. Graham, Burnt Umber
M. Graham, Raw Umber
Winsor & Newton, Brown Ochre
Winsor & Newton, Raw Umber
Br11 Daniel Smith, Lunar Earth
Y164 Winsor & Newton, Dark Brown
Convenience Paints
Maimeri Blu, Brown Stil de Grain R101,G36
M. Graham, Sepia Br7,Bk6
Winsor & Newton, Burnt Umber Br7,R101,Y42
Winsor & Newton, Raw Umber Br7,Y42
Yellow Pure Pigment Paints
Y3*M. Graham, Hansa Yellow
Y35* M. Graham, Cadmium Yellow
M. Graham, Cadmium Yellow Deep
M. Graham, Cadmium Yellow Light
Y40* Winsor & Newton, Aureolin
Y53* Daniel Smith, Nickel Titanate Yellow
Y97* M. Graham, Hansa Yellow Deep
Winsor & Newton, Transparent Yellow
Y110* M. Graham, Indian Yellow
Y117 Holbein, Greenish Yellow
Y129 M. Graham, Azo Green
Y139 Maimeri Blu, Perm. Yellow Deep
Y150* M. Graham, Azo Green
M. Graham, Nickel Azo Yellow
Winsor & Newton, Transparent Yellow
Y151 M. Graham, Azo Yellow
Y153* Daniel Smith, New Gamboge
Winsor & Newton, Indian Yellow
Winsor & Newton, New Gamboge
Y154* Holbein, Imidazolone Yellow
Y175 Maimeri Blu, Perm. Yellow Lemon
Winsor & Newton, Winsor Lemon
W&N Cotman, Lemon Yellow Hue
Y184* Daniel Smith, Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
M. Graham, Bismuth Yellow
Convenience Paints
Holbein, Antique Dandelion Y3,Y42
Maimeri Blu, Perm. Green Yellow Y97,G36
M. Graham, Gamboge Y151,O62
M. Graham, Nickel Quinacridone Gold O48,Y150
Winsor & Newton, Quinacridone Gold Hue Y150,R206,V19
Earth Yellow Pure Pigment Paints
Br7*Daniel Smith, Monte Amiata Sienna
Maimeri Blu, Raw Sienna
M. Graham, Raw Sienna
Br24* M. Graham, Naples Yellow
Winsor & Newton, Naples Yellow Deep
Y42* Maimeri Blu, Golden Lake
Maimeri Blu, Yellow Ochre
M. Graham, Transparent Yellow Oxide
Winsor & Newton, Gold Ochre
Y43* M. Graham, Yellow Ochre
Winsor & Newton, Yellow Ochre
Y119 Holbein, Mars Yellow
Convenience Paints
Winsor & Newton, Raw Sienna Y42,R101
Green Pure Pigment Paints
G7* M. Graham, Phthalo Green
Winsor & Newton, Winsor Green Yellow Shade
G17* Winsor & Newton, Oxide of Chromium
G18* M. Graham, Viridian
G23 QoR, Terre Verte
Winsor & Newton, Terre Verte Yellow Shade
G36* Holbein, Bamboo Green
M. Graham, Phthalo Green Yellow Shade
G50* M. Graham, Cobalt Green
Winsor & Newton, Cobalt Green
Convenience Paints
Daniel Smith, Undersea Green B29,O49
Holbein, Sap Green G8,G36,Y17
Holbein, Terre Verte G17,G23
M. Graham, Hooker’s Green G7,Y110
M. Graham, Olive Green Y129,G7,Y110,Bk9
M. Graham, Perm. Green Light Y151,G7Y151,G7
M. Graham, Perm. Green Pale G7,Y3
M. Graham, Sap Green Perm. G7,Y110
QoR, Bohemian Green Earth Bk7,G7,R101,Y42
Winsor & Newton, Olive Green Y65,B15:6,R101
Winsor & Newton, Perm. Sap Green G36,Y110
Winsor & Newton, Terre Verte G23,G18,B28
Blue Pure Pigment Paints
B15:0* M. Graham, Phthalo Blue Red Shade
B15:3* M. Graham, Phthalo Blue
Winsor & Newton, Winsor Blue Green Shade
B16* Maimeri Blu, Turquoise Green
B17* Holbein, Antique Turquoise
Holbein, Peacock Blue
B27* M. Graham, Prussian Blue
QoR, Prussian Blue
B28* Daniel Smith, Cobalt Blue
M. Graham, Cobalt Blue
M. Graham, Cobalt Teal
B29* Maimeri Blu, Ultramarine Light
M. Graham, Ultramarine Blue
QoR, Ultramarine Blue
Winsor & Newton, French Ultramarine
B33* Blockx, Manganese Blue
B35* Holbein, Cerulean Blue
Winsor & Newton, Cerulean Blue Red Shade
B36* Maimeri Blu, Cobalt Blue Green
M. Graham, Cerulean Blue
M. Graham, Cerulean Blue Deep
B60* M. Graham, Anthraquinone Blue
B74* Winsor & Newton, Cobalt Blue Deep
V15* Winsor & Newton, Dumont’s Blue Smalt
NB1 Maimeri Blu, Indigo
VB1 Mameri Blu, Payne's Grey
Convenience Paints
Daniel Smith, Indigo B60,Bk6
Daniel Smith, Lunar Blue Bk11,B15
Holbein, Peacock Blue G7,B15
M. Graham, Manganese Blue Hue B15:3,W4
M. Graham, Turquoise B15:3,G7
M. Graham, Ultramarine Violet B29,V15
Schminke, Cerulean Blue Hue B15:3,W4
W&N Cotman, Indigo Bk7,B29,B15
Violet Pure Pigment Paints
V14* Holbein, Cobalt Violet Light
M. Graham, Cobalt Violet
V15* M. Graham, Ultramarine Violet Deep
V16* M. Graham, Mineral Violet
V19B* M. Graham, Quinacridone Violet
Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Violet
V23 W&N Cotman, Dioxazine Violet
V29 Winsor & Newton, Perylene Violet
V37 M. Graham, Dioxazine Purple
R88* W&N Cotman, Purple Lake
R258 M. Graham, Ultramarine Pink
Convenience Paints
Daniel Smith, Lunar Violet V15,Bk11
Holbein, Antique Tyrian Purple V37,R88
Holbein, Bright Violet BV7,BV15
Black Pure Pigment Paints
Bk6* M. Graham, Lamp Black
Bk9* M. Graham, Ivory Black
Winsor & Newton, Ivory Black
Bk10 Daniel Smith, Graphite Gray
Bk11 Daniel Smith, Lunar Black
Bk19 QoR, Ardoise Gray
Bk31* Holbein, Shadow Green
White Pure Pigment Paints
W6* M. Graham, Chinese White
M. Graham, Titanium White Opaque
QoR, Titan Buff
Convenience Paints
Daniel Smith, Jane’s Grey B29, Br7
Daniel Smith, Moonglow G18,R177,B29
Maimeri Blu, Payne’s Grey B29,Bk9
M. Graham, Neutral Tint V19,G7
M. Graham, Payne’s Gray Bk9,B29
QoR, Payne’s Gray B15:3,Bk7,V19
Winsor & Newton, Davy’s Gray G17,Bk6,Bk19
Winsor & Newton, Davy’s Gray G17,Bk6,W4,Bk19
Winsor & Newton, Payne’s Gray B15,Bk6,V19
W&N Cotman, Payne’s Gray Bk7,B29,B15
Rublev Natural Pigments Paints
B27 Rublev, Prussian Blue
B29 Rublev, Lazurite
B32 Rublev, Smalt
Rublev, Royal Smalt
Bk8 Rublev, German Vine Black
Bk9 Rublev, Bone Black
Br7 Rublev, Cyprus Burnt Umber
Rublev, Cyprus Burnt Uber Warm
Rublev, French Burnt Sienna
Rublev, French Raw Sienna
Rublev, French Raw Umber
Rublev, Italian Burnt Sienna
Rublev, Italian Raw Sienna
G23 Rublev, Celadonite Green Earth
Rublev, Malachite
Rublev, Nicosia Green Earth
Rublev, Olive Green
Rublev, Verona Green Earth
NBr8 Rublev, Van Dyke Brown
NR9 Rublev, Madder Lake
R102 Rublev, Ercolano Red
Rublev, French Red Ochre
Rublev, Indian Red
Rublev, Red Sartorius Earth
Rublev, Violet Hematite
Rublev, Venetian Red
R106 Rublev, Vermilion
Y34 Rublev, Chrome Yellow Primrose
Y43 Rublev, Gold Ochre
Rublev, Italian Dark Ochre
Rublev, Italian Yellow Earth
Rublev, Lemon Ochre
Rublev, Orange Ochre
Rublev, Yellow Ochre Light
- Rublev, Vivianite Blue Ochre
Daniel Smith PrimaTek™ Watercolors
Daniel Smith, Green Fuchsite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Piemontite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Purpurite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Red Fuchsite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Serpentine Genuine
Daniel Smith, Sodalite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Sugilite Genuine
Daniel Smith, Zoisite Genuine
05-10-2020* Top 40 pigment as per BM/Handprint. This collection lacks R149,R170,R178,R255,O43,Y65,V49,Bk8,W4.
BX 1 CO 8 DS 30 HO 16 MB 17 MG 70 OH 2 QR 8 RU 5 SH 1 WN 48

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