Paints by Pigment - OIL

This index is handy for me to keep online, as I can ensure I don't buy duplicate paints.

I paint solvent-free and started with M. Graham which forms the bulk of my collection. After a few years and with the aid of WetCanvas forums, I filled gaps in my various palettes. I also added paints which bring pleasure by simply existing; colours that are so delightful that it is a joy to squeeze them out of a tube and marvel at them.

Magenta Pure Pigment Paints
R122 M. Harding, Magenta
V19B M. Graham, Quinacridone Violet
V19R M. Graham, Quinacridone Rose
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, Permanent Magenta V19R,V23
Red Pure Pigment Paints
R108 M. Graham, Cadmium Red
M. Graham, Cadmium Red Light
R149 M. Harding, Crimson Lake
R170 M. Harding, Scarlet Lake
R177 Gamblin, Alizarin Permanent
R179 Grumbacher PT, Perylene Maroon
R255 Mussini, Vermilion Red Tone
R264 Blockx, Crimson Lake
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, Spectrum Crimson V19,R175,R122
Orange Pure Pigment Paints
O20Art Spectrum, Cadmium Orange
O73 M. Harding, Permanent Orange
Convenience Paints
Langridge, Neon Orange O73,Y14
Unsaturated Orange and Red Pure Pigment Paints
Br7 Maimeri IE, Burnt Sienna
Maimeri IE, Sardinian Red Earth
Maimeri Puro, Raw Sienna Deep
M. Graham, Burnt Sienna
O48 Grumbacher PT, Quinacridone Orange
R101 M. Graham, Terra Rosa
M. Graham, Transp. Red Oxide
Mussini, Caput Mortuum
Old Holland, Persian (Indian) Red
R102 Blockx, Venetian Red
Maimeri IE, Venetian Red
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, AU Red Gold R101,Y83,R122,V19
M. Graham, Transp. Orange Oxide Y42,R101
Brown Pure Pigment Paints
Br6 M. Harding, Burnt Umber
M. Harding, Red Umber
Br7 Maimeri IE, Florence Brown Earth
M. Graham, Burnt Umber
M. Harding, Italian Green Umber
Old Holland, Burnt Umber
Richeson Shiva, Raw Umber
Williamsburg, Italian Raw Umber
Convenience Paints
Williamsburg, Turkey Umber Br7,G7
Yellow Pure Pigment Paints
Y3 M. Graham, Hansa Yellow
M. Harding, Bright Yellow Lake
Y31 M. Harding, Lemon Yellow
Y35 Art Spectrum, Cadmium Yellow Deep
M. Graham, Cadmium Yellow Light
Y37 Maimeri Puro, Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Y53 Art Spectrum, Titanium Yellow
Y74 M. Harding, Yellow Lake
Y110 M. Graham, Indian Yellow
Y150 Mussini, Translucent Yellow
Y157 Holbein, Nickel Yellow
Convenience Paints
M. Graham, Azo Yellow Y151,Y74
Williamsburg, Brilliant Yellow Pale W6,W4,Y3,Y74
Earth Yellow Pure Pigment Paints
Br7Maimeri IE, Raw Sienna
Mussini, Bohemian Green Earth
Br24 M. Harding, Naples Yellow
Y41 M. Harding, Genuine Naples Yellow Light
Y42 M. Graham, Transparent Yellow Oxide
M. Harding, Yellow Ochre Deep
Y43 Maimeri IE, Herculaneum Orange
Maimeri IE, Rome Yellow Earth
Maimeri IE, Verona Yellow Earth
M. Graham, Yellow Ochre
M. Harding, Yellow Ochre Deep
Convenience Paints
M. Graham, Naples Yellow Br7,W6,Y74
Green Pure Pigment Paints
G8 Maimeri, Pantelleria Green Obsidian
G17 Art Spectrum, Oxide of Chromium
G18 M. Graham, Viridian
G23 Maimeri IE, Antique Verona Earth
Maimeri IE, Verona Green Earth
Old Holland, Green Earth
Y129 M. Graham, Azo Green
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, AU Leaf Green Dark R101,Y83,G7
Art Spectrum, AU Leaf Green Light G17,Y35,Y74
Art Spectrum, AU Yellow Green W6,Y129
Art Spectrum, Olive Green R101,G7,Bk8,Y83
Art Spectrum, Turquoise W6,G7,B15
Langridge, Brilliant Green G7,Y3
M. Graham, Permanent Sap Green Y129,G7,Bk9
M. Graham, Olive Green Y129,Y110,Bk9
M. Harding, Permanent Sap Green Br6,G7
Blue Pure Pigment Paints
B15:3 M. Graham, Phthalo Blue
M. Harding, Phthalo Blue Lake
B27 M. Graham, Prussian Blue
B28 M. Graham, Cobalt Teal
B29 M. Graham, Ultramarine Blue
M. Harding, Ultramarine Blue
B36 M. Graham, Cerulean Blue
B74 Art Spectrum, Cobalt Blue Deep
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, Spectrum Blue B29,W6,B15
M. Graham, Manganese Blue Hue B15:3,W4
M. Harding, Indigo Bk6,B15:3,V19
Violet Pure Pigment Paints
V14 Art Spectrum, Cobalt Violet
Art Spectrum, Cobalt Violet Dark
V15 M. Harding, Ultramarine Violet
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, Lilac V23,W6
Daler Rowney, Cobalt Violet Hue V23,V19
Old Holland, Violet Grey W4,W6,V23,B29,G18
Winton, Cobalt Violet Hue V16,B29
Black Pure Pigment Paints
Bk7 Art Spectrum, Lamp Black
Bk9 M. Graham, Ivory Black
Bk31 Mussini, Atrament Black
White Pure Pigment Paints
W1 M. Harding, Cremnitz White #1 (Li)
W4 M. Graham, Zinc White
W6 Gamblin, Radiant White
M. Harding, Unbleached Titanium
Convenience Paints
Art Spectrum, AU Green Grey W6,Y129
Art Spectrum, AU Grey W6,Br7,R101
Gamblin, Chromatic Black G36,V19
Langridge, Payne's Grey B29,Bk6
M. Graham, Payne's Gray Bk9,B29
M. Graham, Titanium White (Alkyd) W6,W4
M. Graham, Titanium White W6,W4
M. Harding, Payne’s Grey Bk9,B29,Y42
M. Harding, Titanium White #2 (Li) W6,W4
Mussini, Bluish Grey #2 W4,W6,Bk10
Mussini, Brownish Grey #2 W4,G36,Y42,Br33
Weber Permalba White W6,W4
Winsor & Newton, Transp. White (Sa) W6,W4
AS 20 BL 2 DR 1 GA 3 GR 2 HO 1 LA 3 MA 13
MG 31 MH 24 MU 7 OH 4 R1 1 WB 3 WE 1 WN 2

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